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In the internet age in which everything is changing quickly, internet privacy has becoming more and more important as we access to digital devices more frequently. This is what this wiki covers - to review different softwares and services from a freedom/privacy standpoint.
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Content Rules and Guidelines
  1. Reception Privacy Softwares Wiki documents the qualities of the softwares/providers, no matter if it had a positive or negative reception.
  2. Custom headings are allowed in this wiki. However, when documenting the pros and cons of a particular internet service/software, if there are more good qualities than bad qualities, the good qualities should be placed first, and vice versa.
  3. The articles in here are based off facts (objectivity), not opinions. All claims made in a page should be objective, and back by at least one reliable source.
  4. Words like “use xxx instead of xxx” are forbidden.
  5. Do not create new categories. If you think a new category is needed, please ask for admins/bureaucrat's approval and they'll make it for you if your suggestion proves to be useful.
  6. Categories can be placed in mainspace articles if it is appropriate. User pages and sandboxes should not use live categories at all.
  7. Unfinished pages should be placed in a user’s sandbox. All pages in the main namespace are expected to be finished.
  8. Any articles that are directly pasted from books, other internet resources, magazines, etc. are prohibited. Users must write articles in their own words.

Failing to abide the above rules or guidelines may lead to a warning first, and a block from admins or bureaucrats if the rules are violated repeatedly.

Conduct Rules and Guidelines

  1. Be civil towards fellow users; avoid rudeness, assume good intentions of fellow editors and respectfully disagree. Please remember to follow the Code of Conduct.
  2. Be clear in your requests, discussions and edits, particularly making use of the edit summary. When making a major change (such as page move), start a discussion first to ensure it will go over well.
  3. If users are uncivil, unclear or trolling, do not engage. Be the better user and bring the matter to staffs to resolve.
  4. If you disagree with the actions of an admin, you may start a topic on their talk page (yours, if you were blocked). Be civil and only post to try and solve the issue. You may appeal to bureaucrats if you are not satisfied with the judgement offered.
  5. If you have any problem, the first thing you should do in any situation is to ask for help, preferably from the staff but other trusted or experienced users are a great option too.
  6. The wikis' system, can be changed between users through the Requests for Comment procedure. Here users should get an idea of how the wikis work while, again, benefiting from direct interactions with the community.
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Though our scope is similar to the Reception Wikis, a series of wikis in 'good stuff' vs 'bad stuff' format, we are independent from them. In this wiki we document the qualities of Internet software and services in a slightly different angle, as a wiki that accepts only factual-based content. We are currently affiliated with the following wikis:

  • PrivacyWiki - document advices and guides for individuals to improve their privacy.
We can be found at #privacywarewiki connect on Libera.Chat. We do not have any discord server as discord collects lots of metedata from users, which contradicts to our commitment.